JEWELLERY & Accessories

At Chaffer Antiques, we have a good number of antique items in our jewellery and accessories section, including rings, earrings, brooches, pendants, necklaces and other related products. All are unique and will give a new owner a sense of wearing something really special when the occasion calls for it.

Our current range of gold and silver antique rings includes both plain and coloured jewels, including diamonds, emeralds, sapphire, rubies, and mother of pearl. Our collection dates back as far as the Victorian times, up until the 1950s. Vintage earrings include gold and pearl clip-ons, and some cow bone butterflies showing two laughing Billiken.

Our collection of antique brooches includes various designs using materials such as ceramics, gold, and traditional cameo brooches on silver mounts. The cameo pictures are also available as a pendant, in an art nouveau style, with marcasite insets. Other pendants are made from natural green jade, white jade, and gold with blue topaz and seed pearl. Additionally, we have stock of complete statement necklaces in Dutch silver and blue glass, Afghan beads, and lastly another made completely of oceanic shells.

One-off items in the jewellery and accessory department includes a gold plated lapel pin from around 1890, and 18ct gold money clip, a vintage trinket dish from mother of pearl, and a rare Victorian ebony vanity set, housed in a leather case.

Chaffer Antiques are proud to invite you to feast your eyes on our wonderful array of rare antique jewellery and accessories. If you would like to discover more about this collection or any other antique products, please get in touch with us through our contact form and we will be happy to answer any queries.

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