At Chaffer Antiques, we have many original and interesting antiques, fine art and collectables. Our selection of available products has been delivered through many years of experience in locating and stocking these rare finds. In our glass section, you can uncover everyday glass objects such as drinking glasses and jugs, as well as more unusual and decorative items.

Drinking Glasses

When it comes to drinking glasses, we have many rare and unique products, including an Adam Aaronson specially made handcrafted goblet, which glitters in an array of colours. For a very different aesthetic, we also stock a limited edition Caithness glass goblet, signed by Denis Mann, depicting a swallow and one of just fifty glasses made in this style. We stock a retro Bouquet of liqueur glasses, supplied as a set of six in their original box. For a luxurious purchase, we also stock rare glasses in their presentation boxes, such as the Edinburgh Crystal Cameron whisky tumblers, and Mull champagne flutes from the same glassmakers.

Functional Products

As well as drinking glasses, we also stock related products that have a functional use, such as decanters and bottles. These include decanters from the early 20th century, with beautiful cut glass designs, as well as smooth crystal glass from the 1970s. We even have a wonderful rare Campbell’s Soups limited edition glass decanter. Our range of bottles dates back to the around 1890, featuring a pale green Victorian Magnesia bottle from Dinneford. We have a choice selection of different bottles, in green tones, from various eras. We also have a range of jars such as one from the Hayward Bros Ltd London, a company known for their pickles. As well as jars, we also supply related products, such as toothpick holders, platters, jugs, jelly dishes, and candlestick holders.

Decorative Products

There are many products that have a functional purpose, but also serve as products for their visual appeal, for example the perfume and aftershave decanters, as well as our one-of-a-kind working swan oil lamp. Yet there are some items you would buy mainly for aesthetic reasons. For example, within our range you will find interesting paperweights, bowls, and bells. One particularly intriguing product, is an antique green glass jar which bears the Coat of Arms of Rhyl in Wales, dating back to the 1920s or 1930s. We offer many distinctive vases, such as one 1900-1910 Mother of Pearl glass vase or the blue tulip crystal glass from Austria. One of our select products from Orrefors, the Swedish designer, is a limited edition blue plate made for Mother’s Day, depicting a mother with three children, etched in gold.

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Whether you have any questions about any of the glass products listed on our website, or you are looking for something specific, please let us know via our web contact form. We will be happy to answer any queries you may have for us.