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At Chaffer Antiques, we have many unique and fascinating antiques, fine art and collectables. Our range of available products has been achieved through many years of experience in locating and stocking these rare finds. In our books section, you will discover a wide selection of items including antique books, vintage books, and otherwise rare books.

Antique Books

Our antique books date back to the 1800s, with examples including a French Roman Comique by Paul Scarron, half leather bound, and published in Paris, and two volumes of Mrs Jameson’s Sacred and Legendary Art, which includes many illustrations and etchings. From later in the century, we also have some wonderful volumes of George Eliot in stock. Other genres include cartoon catalogues, history books and Bibles.

Vintage Books

Moving into the 1900s, we have a range of vintage and retro books, particularly from between the 1940s and 1970s. From the 1940s and 1950s, we stock illustrated books such as ‘Dial 999 – P.C. Thirteen Investigates’, ‘The Bayeux Tapestry’, and ‘The Wonder Book of Comics’. There’s also ‘The Pleasure Book for Boys and Girls’ from the 1950s, which offers the distinctively retro illustration style of the era. We also offer guide books with photography, including a 1960s guide to Fort William and District, and a guide to Mallaig and the Road to the Isles from around the same period. We also supply biographical books, such as one about the Queen Mother, and another on the saxophonist Charlie Parker. There are other vintage books on offer through our website, including ‘The Handbook of Homemade Power’ from the 1970s, providing alternative energy information.

Rare Books

As well as antique and vintage books, we also have a selection of more contemporary books. What makes these special is usually something unique, or some rare quality. For example, we stock a limited edition hardback copy of Labyrinth by Kate Mosse, which was published by Orion in 2005 and is signed by the author, numbered 615 of just 1000 copies. From the music world, we also have a first edition book from Kylie Minogue’s 2002 La La La, a pictorial biography with handwritten notes by the artist herself included. Along the same vein, On the Road with Blue from 2003 is available as a first edition featuring a rare cover.


As well as books, we also stock some more unusual related items. For example, the Archaeologia Cantiana Vol 68 and Society AGM pamphlets. For something a bit more creative, we also have some Jungle Stencils from Walton, Sally and Stewart. Keep returning to our collection to see what new books we have in stock, whether you’re looking for antique items, vintage books, or rare finds.

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